You Installed WordPress, Now What?

If you’re the type of person who feels like you’ve been working hard on your WordPress powered blog, but not getting the results you desire, this is for you.

I wrote up a checklist for a client yesterday and thought it was worth sharing with anyone struggling with a WordPress blog that is underperforming.
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A product so boring no one will care


"My product is so boring that I can't create compelling content around it." You don't have to talk about the concept of content marketing for very long before you run headlong into this statement. It's usually someone who has been at the same … [Continue reading]

The Ultimate Website Migration Checklist

Ploughing At Rougham

Groundwork As early as possible gather together the teams that will have an impact on the final site launch. That may include project managers, design team, development team, user experience, copywriters, account executives, network administrators … [Continue reading]

Producing Content When You Don’t Like To Write


Do you have good ideas for blog posts, but no time to write them? What if you could give a writer the title, some simple instructions and get back a well-written blog post that you could make your own? That's where many small businesses are. … [Continue reading]

That’s Our Policy


We all visit stores sometimes and ask what we think is a simple question yet receive back an unexpected answer. We often follow up with something like, "why is that?" The worst of all possible answers to hear at this point in the conversation is, … [Continue reading]

Cheating vs. Looking for an Advantage vs. Business


While reading Mark Schaefers's The business case for cheating your way to social media superstardom this morning I noticed something. When we cheat it's "gaining an advantage", when others do we say it's "cheating" or "a scam" and sometimes even … [Continue reading]

Are You Still on Facebook?

Facebook inspirational quotes

I try to check Facebook at least once a day, usually on my phone and usually just before heading to bed. I "like" a handful of things and call it a day. I am on Google in some way, shape or form the entire day. GMail, Google search, Google Maps, … [Continue reading]

Holly Springs Chiropractors, Local Results and Negative SEO

Holly Springs Chiropractor search results

A couple of months ago I started working with a chiropractor in Holly Springs, my home town. They wanted to make sure that they were doing everything they could to appear for people searching for their services. The local search box showed 4 … [Continue reading]

Stop Making Excuses

Amanda Palmer's TED talk

If there is one thing that drives me crazy it's all the excuses people make up. Maybe I just notice it more now than I used to, but I'm seeing it everywhere, especially from people in their 20's and early 30's. I don't remember if I was the same way, … [Continue reading]

Don’t Keep Your SEO Partner a Secret

Mike King at LinkLove

I had a long flight out the West Coast this week that gave me some time to think. One thing that popped into my mind is how all of us feel additional pressure when we know someone is watching us. That's why we drive the speed limit when the State … [Continue reading]