Casey Movers’ continues to feel the wrath of the Streisand Effect

This is the latest update that my friend Jason saw today concerning my Casey Movers saga.

Casey Mover now rated an F by Better Business Bureau

Casey Mover now rated an F by Better Business Bureau

I can’t say I’m surprised that Casey Movers is now rated an F by the Better Business Bureau. Their track record of posting fake reviews and threatening past customers with lawsuits for posting negative reviews really tells you all you need to know.

If you take the time to review the Casey Movers reviews at the BBB site you may notice some interesting things.

First the positive reviews come in in clumps. 3 reviews in 5 days in August of 2012 and again 2 in 2 days in May. That along doesn’t mean that the reviews are fake or that the reviews were paid for, but it is a bit suspicious. If you dig a little deeper you can see is the people who were happy enough to leave a review on a third-party site we also excited enough to fill out the piece of paper that the movers ask people to fill out after a move.

Quincy O, does not show up in their scanned in reviews on their own site, neither does Paul T or Dan W. Again, this doesn’t mean Casey Movers are dishonest or that they are astroturfing BBB reviews. I’m just pointing out some discrepancies. The May reviews from Carrie R. and Steve L. also fail this test.

It’s been months since this whole kerfuffle and I still haven’t heard a word from them about any of it.

I would have left them some information about it on their Facebook page, but it is no longer available.


  1. It’s a long, strange story Phil. And yet one that could have been easily prevented. But now, it seems to me, it’s pretty deep. If roles were reversed, what would you advise them to do now?

    • Great question Frank.

      They made a tactical decision to say nothing and wait for the problem to blow over. That was a terrible mistake. They needed to try to get in front of the story the best they could. Their response to being held up as a business that tries to bully it’s customers and then buys/fakes reviews online has been to say nothing and double-down on the fake reviews.

      Everything they’ve done since they sent the email has been 180 degrees opposite of what I would have recommended.

      With that said, what should they do now? I would recommend that they do the one thing every company like Casey Movers fears more than anything else – come clean and own it.

      I talked with Matthew Overstreet, he’s not stupid. He was misguided in this instance, but I am sure he won’t make a snap decision like he did with the certified letter again.

      Steve Casey should have made a YouTube video months ago and taken complete responsibility for everything that happened, but he hid like a coward. He could still do it, but I don’t think he has the stomach for it.

      If I was Matthew Overstreet I would ask me to do an Google Hangout on Air and talk about the event and what both sides learned. I would advise Casey Movers to put some content against the entire event.

      The problem in waiting is you lose the ability to have competing content up there while my content sits and gains authority and history near the top of page 1 for THEIR brand name.

  2. You have got to be kidding me, they still have not learned. That had 2 new positive reviews get filtered out last month. Again its brand new users with 1 review for Casey Movers. One on 2/26 and one on 2/6. I guess you can lead a horse to water but can not make them drink. Makes you wonder how many of the filled out reviews are real that they have been posting recently. Hmm, could they be shady enough to fake customers too?


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