Stop Making Excuses

Amanda Palmer's TED talk

Martin Smith is changing the world. Can you spare a Peep?

Casey Movers Threatens To Sue Me Over Bad Review

People hate Casey Movers on Yelp

Casey Movers sent a letter threatening legal action if my wife doesn’t remove a negative review on Yelp.

Has The Pit lost its social media mojo?

Twitter conversation with The Pit

I once used The Pit as a case study of how to do social media right. What happens when the driving force behind it’s social media moves on?

How Do You Stand Out?

Michael Anderson's awesome infographic resume

We’re taught from an early age that we need to “fit in”. The only problem with that is when you reach adulthood, you try to stand out and nobody has ever taught you how to do it. That’s why your resume probably sucks.

Social Media Case Study: How The Pit Uses Twitter and Foursquare

The Pit BBQ in Raleigh, NC

The Pit BBQ has a full understanding of the power of Social Media, and it’s not afraid to use it.

What Happens When Your Laptop Gets Stolen


The story of how I had two laptops stolen, and my efforts to recover them.

How You Can Be As Memorable As Morgan Siem

Maybe the reason you’re not where you want to be is that you’re not memorable.

7 Steps To Help You Build Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn

7 simple steps to make your LinkedIn profile more readable. Everyone has the basics, a few extra steps can really set you apart.

Why You Should Be Twittering More

Twitter Bird

Not everyone “gets” social media. That’s okay, because YOU do get it, and you can change your world using it