That’s Our Policy


When a business tells me that they can’t help me, I usually correct them to “You choose not to help me”. What would happen if the new employee manual had a single line – use common sense?

Cheating vs. Looking for an Advantage vs. Business


When you do it, it’s cheating. When I do it, it’s called gaining a competitive advantage.

Are You Still on Facebook?

Facebook inspirational quotes

Is it time to look at a Facebook Alternative? Google+ will eventually lure you to its platform, accept it as inevitable and jump in.

How do I get on the first page of Google?

1969 Honda N360

Ranking doesn’t happen overnight. You need to put in the work just like everything else in life.

Casey Movers Threatens To Sue Me Over Bad Review

People hate Casey Movers on Yelp

Casey Movers sent a letter threatening legal action if my wife doesn’t remove a negative review on Yelp.

The Weird LinkedIn Request Prejudice

LinkedIn default connection prompt

Do you only connect with people who use LinkedIn the way you think it should be used?

My Personal Internet Conference

While I was out picking up some yard supplies this morning I entered into a Twitter conversation with my friend who asked if I could recommend anyone to help moderate some of the panels at this year’s Internet Summit. I need a couple of moderators for panels – do you have anyone you can recommend […]

Making it to the Final Four of the @deanshaw 2012 Twitter Madness Tourney

final four

Making it to the Final Four of @deanshaw’s 2012 Twitter Madness Tourney is a once in a lifetime feat. Here’s my take on it.

Australian Feral Goats

Australian Feral Goat (Animal)

How Australian Feral Goats could make an impact on my blog and thus my life!

Not Everyone Wants You To Be A Star

iconic Michael Jordan dunking

Is it possible to scare away a company because your personal brand is too strong?