A product so boring no one will care


It doesn’t matter if your product is boring, it’s the story that sells.

That’s Our Policy


When a business tells me that they can’t help me, I usually correct them to “You choose not to help me”. What would happen if the new employee manual had a single line – use common sense?

Cheating vs. Looking for an Advantage vs. Business


When you do it, it’s cheating. When I do it, it’s called gaining a competitive advantage.

Are You Still on Facebook?

Facebook inspirational quotes

Is it time to look at a Facebook Alternative? Google+ will eventually lure you to its platform, accept it as inevitable and jump in.

Stop Making Excuses

Amanda Palmer's TED talk

Martin Smith is changing the world. Can you spare a Peep?

Don’t Keep Your SEO Partner a Secret

Mike King at LinkLove

Companies don’t mind admitting they use an ad agency, why all the secrecy around SEO?

What’s Your Role?

John Havlicek

Where do you belong? Finding where you fit in isn’t always easy.

How do I get on the first page of Google?

1969 Honda N360

Ranking doesn’t happen overnight. You need to put in the work just like everything else in life.

Graduating from Enthusiast to Professional


Moving from giving it away for free to charging people is a delicate maneuver.

Casey Movers Threatens To Sue Me Over Bad Review

People hate Casey Movers on Yelp

Casey Movers sent a letter threatening legal action if my wife doesn’t remove a negative review on Yelp.