The Ultimate Website Migration Checklist

Ploughing At Rougham

Don’t start a website migration without this document. I promise it will save you some headaches.

Google Author Photo Step By Step Tutorial For WordPress

How to make sure your photo appears in the Google search results next to your articles.

How Gregory Ng Ruined My Morning

Gregory Ng

Gregory Ng has taught me a new way to look at everything. It could always be better, we just have to be willing to look at it through the right prism.

When Web Development Gets Complicated

django code

Scoping out the time frame for a web project can be a tricky task because of unforeseen hurdles. Perhaps there’s a better way.

Why Are You Hiding?

Leigh's Meetup profile

You never know where opportunity is looking for you. Make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to sell yourself online.

Developer Grade SEO


Any web developer can build a site, but the ones that can also make it findable have a huge advantage. Are you ready for Developer Grade SEO?

Is Being a Web Developer Enough?


Stop thinking of yourself as a web developer and start looking for problems to solve.

Why I’m Joining Media Two Interactive

Media Two Interactive Advertising Agency

I accepted a position as the Director of User Experience at Media Two Interactive in downtown Raleigh.

WordPress Permissions

Restricted Access

Don’t let file permissions make your WordPress life harder than it has to be.

Real Estate BarCamp, the Raleigh, NC edition

Aspects of change

I was excited when I started talking with Meredith Morgan about speaking at this years RDU Real Estate BarCamp. I’ve long felt that there are a few industries that have had to figure out the Internet fast, or perish. One is the newspaper industry which I recently left, but another is real estate. I remember […]