How do I get on the first page of Google?

1969 Honda N360

In 1970 Honda unleashed the N600 sedan on the American consumer. The car featured front wheel drive and an air-cooled, four stroke, 31 horsepowered two-cylinder engine, which was borrowed from the Honda CB450 motorcycle. Honda didn’t think the … [Continue reading]

Al Getler and Online Reputation Management

Lead or be led

I had an interesting opportunity today, Al Getler asked me to participate in his latest venture - Lead or be led. We talked about what SEO is, what it isn't and where it's going. One question that he asked is a common one from people who have made … [Continue reading]

Casey Movers’ continues to feel the wrath of the Streisand Effect

Casey Mover now rated an F by Better Business Bureau

This is the latest update that my friend Jason saw today concerning my Casey Movers saga. I can't say I'm surprised that Casey Movers is now rated an F by the Better Business Bureau. Their track record of posting fake reviews and threatening past … [Continue reading]

Graduating from Enthusiast to Professional


I try to help out my friends as often as I can. I value my weekends tremendously, but when Marty says he needs my support to make sure his Free Internet Marketing Consulting Saturdays continues to gain momentum, I show up. When I … [Continue reading]

Casey Movers Threatens To Sue Me Over Bad Review

People hate Casey Movers on Yelp

Today my wife received a certified letter from Casey Movers asking her to remove a negative Yelp review or they would sue for libel in District Court in Massachusetts. … [Continue reading]

Your Missed Opportunity on

Donna S. profile page

I organize a fairly popular group about Search Engine Optimization in Raleigh. In the last few years I've received hundreds of emails letting me know that someone new has joined. In about 95% of the cases people join the group with little … [Continue reading]

The Weird LinkedIn Request Prejudice

LinkedIn default connection prompt

I hear a very common refrain from LinkedIn users. "I refuse to connect with people who send me the default LinkedIn connection request!" I never understood that. I've listened to their logic, "If they can't bother to spend two minutes customizing … [Continue reading]

How I Made A Prize Winning Twitter Header

1918 winning twitter header

Today I won a fun contest based ostensibly on a cool Twitter header. Marty Smith dreamed up the contest during a visit from his genius a couple of weeks ago combining the best aspects of vanity baiting, gamification and ego. … [Continue reading]

My Personal Internet Conference

While I was out picking up some yard supplies this morning I entered into a Twitter conversation with my friend who asked if I could recommend anyone to help moderate some of the panels at this year's Internet Summit. I need a couple of moderators … [Continue reading]

Leaving Comment Spam Can Hurt Your Site


You've heard that letting your site's comments fill up with spam is a bad thing right? Google advises against that and comes right out and says it can impact your site's trustability. But what about when you leave comment spam? I can't speak … [Continue reading]

The Difference Between Men & Women

how can i get my husband to... instant results

Last week I heard Wil Reynolds mention in passing about the instant results when you type "how do I get my husband to..." versus "how do I get my wife to..." in Google. The results show the giant gulf between men and women and why the two will … [Continue reading]

How To Avoid Bad SEO Companies

AdWords Certification Badge

It's not always easy to be an SEO. It's an industry like lawyers and plastic surgeons. There are great ones, but there are so many bad ones that the entire industry has a bad name. Today I was trying to answer a couple of questions in Google's … [Continue reading]

Cary Face Painting Experiment

Face Painting in Cary, NC

My friend Dina runs a face painting business out of her home in Cary. Surprisingly there is more competition than expected in that niche. She told me this afternoon that she was talking with a young woman who gave her the following SEO … [Continue reading]

We’re from Virante and we’re here to help

David Hasselhoff on Baywatch

When Google rolled out it's Penguin update to try to discourage sites from building links in an unnatural and spammy way Virante cheered.  Virante's CTO, Russ Jones, has long been a thorn in Matt Cutt's side asking why spammy sites outrank real … [Continue reading]

Why YOU shouldn’t be building links

"The world needs ditch diggers too" - Judge Smails in Caddyshack

Remember the day you figured out that the hour you spent finding a decent copy of some MP3, downloading it, scanning it for viruses and then transferring it to your iPod cost you more than the $0.99 that iTunes wanted for the same thing? How much are … [Continue reading]