I read an article about how Volkswagen is no longer allowing it’s Blackberry servers to send off-hour emails to most of its employees. This is only in Germany by the way.

It got me thinking about how rarely I stop everything and really “unplug”. I have a feeling you’re in a similar boat.

Have you ever thought about why some of your best ideas come when you’re in the shower? Is it possible that it’s because you’ve finally detached from your iPhone for 10 minutes and let your brain take a breather?

Yogi Berra selling clothes

Yogi with his pal the Scooter, Phil Rizzuto, selling clothes at The American Shop in Newark during the 1951 off-season

I love reading about the professional ball players back in the 1940’s and 50’s that had jobs in the off-season. They would take jobs like selling cars or men’s suits after the season to make ends meet.¬†Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford and Don Newcombe were just a few of big leaguers who sold men’s clothes for department stores. How cool would it have been to talk baseball with Yogi as you were measured for a new suit?

Although I’m 100% sure that Yogi Berra would have loved to been paid enough that he didn’t have to work a second job, it no doubt made him a more rounded person.

Back during the Internet bubble days, I was working at a start-up where a couple of us would walk next door to the YMCA at lunch every day to work out. It was a fantastic hour where we could re-energize both our mind and body for the second-half of the day. There were numerous occasions where we would head back to the office with some problem solved even though we weren’t officially “working” on it.

What if we all unplugged for a 15 minute walk every day?


  1. Vipul@National Furniture Supply says:

    I agree to you…unplug yourself from all electronic devices…laptops, computers, phone, tablets.everythig n…and go out in nature and enjoy the sunrise…sunset..rain..greenery…i wish to do it sometime in future..i comes soon…LOL

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